National Sports Museum launches new ‘Experience Lab’

Sport and digital technology are set to collide in the Experience Lab, an exciting new interactive gallery at the National Sports Museum.

Designed first and foremost as a workshop where new displays and technology can be tested and tried, visitors will be encouraged to play with, react to and give feedback on, seven high-tech new installations.

From being immersed in a virtual game of tennis, exploring the development of helmet technology, to challenging concentration with an eye-tracking game of soccer, the Experience Lab will change the way visitors see and interact with sport.

The first iteration of the Experience Lab will be open from March 10 to April 15. It will then close in order to incorporate changes and new initiatives largely influenced by public feedback, and will reopen ahead of further school holiday periods in June and July, September and October, and the summer holidays.

“As custodians of some incredible sporting treasures and historical artefacts, it is a great privilege for us to be able to share these with the public in the National Sports Museum,” said MCC CEO Stuart Fox.

“We are really excited for visitors to come in and experience the innovative Experience Lab. So much of sport is about fun and play – the immersive and interactive technology in this gallery allows kids and adults to do that, while at the same time learning.”

“It is called a Lab for a reason – we want people to test things out and tell us what they think, so that we can continue to improve our offering.”