Seniors Groups

Seniors Groups

Planning your club’s next outing? The MCG is a popular destination for many Seniors (55+) social clubs such as Probus clubs, U3A groups, retirements clubs and senior citizens organisations.

The Australian Sports Museum is set to re-open on February 29, 2020. This is no ordinary museum. It’s a place where cutting edge technology and immersive experiences bring the stories of Australian sport to life. We recommend 90 minutes to explore the new museum and interactive experiences.

The guided tour, which takes approximately 60 minutes, covers reasonable distances on foot and includes the use of steps, escalators and elevators.

The choice is up to you, compete both experiences or just one. Your visit can also include a great value-for-money-lunch.

Bookings are essential, preferably three weeks in advance.

For further details or to book please call (03) 9657 8879 between 9.00am–5.00pm or email